China-Europe Railway

 China-Europe Railway Express

---"Redefining Rail transportation between China and Europe"

     The Belt and Road Initiative a significant development strategy launched by the Chinese government with the intention of promoting economic cooperation among Europe and the countries along the proposed Belt and Road routes. It is also intended to deepen market integration and create a regional economic co-operation framework of benefit to all. The "Belt and Road" initiative brings new opportunities for the China-Europe railway express with high speed developing. 

The China-Europe railway express create a fire-new logistics mode between China and Europe, as alternative to sea, air cargo for the transportation is available now. 

China-Europe logistics is one of the leading Rail freight providers. We successfully create a series of innovative logistics products covering the LCL, FCL, door-to-door services, due to the high efficiency Workflow which comprise of transportation, warehousing, distribution, commodity inspection, insurance, customs, offer the one-stop service, build the whole supply chain. CE establish the professional team of Railway express, provide our valued customers with order booking, documentation, customs, cargo tracking,  emergency handing service.

Compared to the traditional international transport mode by Sea & Air, The China-Europe railway express become the backbone mode of land transport between China and Europe, because of its advantages with fast and punctual safe and stable, green and environmental protection, small affected by the natural environment.

With our Rail service, alternatives with faster times than ocean and more economical than air freight, our solutions cater to the needs of innovative and strategic customers. Combined with our Road services access is available across China and Europe.

China-Europe logistics is willing to share with you the benefit from the development of china-Europe trade and to support your business. 


• Faster: With shipment durations of 14 to18 days ,2-3 times faster than sea
• Cost-efficient: 50% cheaper than air
• Flexible: FCL&LCL door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal solutions
• Eco-friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint
• Security:24/7 monitoring and high safety standards